Attenuating Gloves

Attenurad Shadow Pads

Product Description

Recent studies have shown that exposure during a fluoroscopic procedure can be as great as four times higher than eye or body exposure. F&L Attenuating Gloves are designed to reduce scattered beam radiation exposure in any fluoroscopic procedure.

At a nominal 9 mils in thickness, F&L Attenuating Gloves offer excellent flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity. The thinness also helps reduce finger fatigue.

Composed of a lead-free, non-latex, synthetic rubber formulation, F&L Attenuating Gloves avoid both the proteinaceous sensitivities associated with natural latex, as well as EPA heavy-metal toxicity disposal concerns.

Detailed Specs

F&L Attenuating Gloves are available in sterile, ready-to-use individual packages in the following sizes:

  • Size 6½ - F&L Item #APFG 65
  • Size 7 - F&L Item #APFG 70
  • Size 7½ - F&L Item #APFG 75
  • Size 8 - F&L Item #APFG 80
  • Size 8½ - F&L Item #APFG 85
  • Size XL - F&L Item #APFG XL